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Todos 📌

Better error messages
Currently error messages shown to users still provided by framework I'm using for development, Sapper (and Svelte 3). I'm planning to spend my effort on making it better, using emojies and such to provide better user experiences if things went wrong.
🔨 improvement
Chapter Event
Internal capability that can be used by plugin developers/modders to enhance their web component capability, such as access to chapter events (next chapter, user scroll, etc). THIS IS CURRENTLY ONLY A CONCEPT since there are many security issues to consider before implementing.
🔌 plugin
Testing ProgNovel on many types of devices, mobile phones, macOS, browsers
ProgNovel uses a lot of modern browser features that some are still in experimental phase, while is hasn't been tested enough on real world uses yet. Because of that, there are chances that ProgNovel's features might break on other devices or browsers that I'm not using or can't using currently. (I'm using 4gb AMD A9 laptop on Windows 10 for development, with 86+ version MS Edge, 85+ version of Chrome, and Firefox Quantum Dev version 79.0b8 for development. I also has a $100 Chinese android phone bought last year if I need some testing on mobile, but for iPhone or other devices, currently there's nothing I can do if issues occurws.)
🔨 improvement
Streams chapter JSON from Cloudflare Workers
This is potentially bring significant latency improvements for chapter fetching and improve runtime rendering for chapters. As amazing as Stream API is, it is actually quite complicated to be implemented. So I'll need to learn a bit on this before I mess around with currently perfectly working chapter fetching feature.

This potentially can be implemented together with merge chapters I mention below.
🔨 improvement
User State and Resource
Internal capability that allows plugin developers/modders to access user state (chapter readed in particular novel, state of other plugins/mods, numbers of chapters readed, etc), as well as resources (built-in coins, custom score made by other plugins, etc). THIS IS CURRENTLY ONLY A CONCEPT since there are many security issues to consider before implementing.
🔌 plugin
Bonus unlock plugin
Bonus unlock announcement plugin that can be used to engage readers. Planned to be implemented along with "Chapter Event" and "User Resource".
🔌 plugin

In Progress 👷

Completing roadmap for GftW
Will complete the roadmap for Grant for the Web.
Completing first part of Yashura Legacy
Yashura Legacy would be first ProgNovel's webnovel to showcase our plugins/mods that can be compose in markdown files. I need to complete the first part of this webnovel before writing "how-to" tutorials to use ProgNovel's publishing workflow and its plugin system.
Novel sneak peak on homepage
For better user conversion. Allow website visitors to see a sneak peak from novels' first chapters right from the homepage, then give them options to choose whether to read, put in "read later" bookmark, see synopsis and reviews, etc.
🎉 feature
Writing blogs on Devlog pages
Writing blog posts is something that I'd do eventually, but I'm not motivated to do it fast enough unfortunately.

Done ✅

Implement dev logs and roadmap pages (CANCELED)
Because I feel I need a place to say something, lest people coming here would think it's a dead project. (This roadmap page is handcrafted from scratch btw 👀)

Devlog still need to implement its own banner image and author avatar.
🎉 feature
Responsive design for smartphones, tablets, and HD monitors
ProgNovel is built as a Progressive Web App, so eventually I have to provide decent (if not better) views on all kind of screens and devices.
🔨 improvement
Font and layout settings in read page
In addition to setting font size, ProgNovel will also have font customizable font weight (thanks to variable fonts) and layout settings. Different reading mode (with option for infinite loading) also will be developed in the future.
🎉 feature
Customizable themes and components
ProgNovel at the current state has no modular style customization except for dark mode and color picker buttons. Lots of work and refactor needed to be done for ProgNovel capable of accepting custom made styles and layouts, as well as third party components.

Custom components for ProgNovel can be partially injected from project folder, though only working for home page right now.
🔌 plugin
Enable webpack/netlify build plugin to outsource assets to IPFS pinning services
IPFS is P2P protocol for storing files. Think it as Torrent, but for websites, which eventually enable everyone to host websites without paying any money (not including domain billing, of course). There's no urgency to implement it right now, since our current hosting (Netlify) already provide very generous free-tier hosting with no performance limitation whatsoever.

Cloudflare announces their new Jamstack platform Cloudflare Pages that provide unlimited bandwidth and unlimited requests, so plans on exploring IPFS is currently onhold since we don't really need it as much as before.
🎉 feature
Implement and Explore Web Monetization based Affiliate Marketing
Social testimony with context is the best alternatives compared to big platforms algorithm-backed recommendation system. Word of mouths and book reviews work the best, but with thousands of contents for selections, relying on vocal community members alone won't be enough for community to curate its content collection if we're not to rely on big data.

Affiliate marketing in ProgNovel is the first step to explore the possibility of sustainable community content curation through Web Monetization. There's a possibility to expand it to other collaboration-based scheme to promote contents, for example: novel guest post (hosting early novel chapters on another websites while sharing revenue to their website owners).
🎉 feature
Implement & Enhance Web Monetization Rev Share
Along with cool charts and stuff.
🎉 feature
Comment system and chat room
With in-house or DIY emojies, GIFs, VIP memberships, and more!

(Using Discord and Disqus as for now due to resource restrain)
🎉 feature
Implement Web Monetization API
Web Monetization API is cool. Chances are it will be a major monetization feature for ProgNovel due to its ability to share subscription among many websites, which is going to work well for small websites that rely on referrers like NovelUpdates.
🎉 feature
Alpha V2 API and ProgNovel CLI
The previous API for ProgNovel doesn't separate volumes, which leaves hole for some novel chapters indexing choice and alienating potential ebook authors (Amazon Kindle, etc) from using ProgNovel in the future. That has been solved in API version 2 for the ProgNovel alpha, as well as improved performance and cost-effectiveness of the API significantly (due to Cloudflare Workers recently made KV Workers available for free and the new merging chapters design for allowing more aggressive chapter preloading), along with the introduction of ProgNovel CLI that uses the new WebAssembly backed build engine and built-in contributors revenue sharing with WebMonetization API.
🔨 improvement
Custom markdown build engine ⚙⚙
ProgNovel is designed to scale with webnovels in mind, so relying on JavaScript Jamstack frameworks won't scale too much with potentially ten thousands of chapters to be published. Because of this, I rewrote build engine to parse markdown files for ProgNovel that will use WebAssembly for some serious build performance benefits.
🔨 improvement
Merge chapters processing on Cloudflare Workers
Cloudflare Workers uses per HTTP request call for its pricing model, about 100K/day on free-tier users. For fetching chapters alone, it can go on about 3 millions page views per month under normal condition. This, however, can be optimized further, since it's possible to load 2 or more chapters in a single request (imagine having 10 millions page views per month without having to pay for hosting a single cent 🤯).

But since Cloudflare Workers imposes limitation on CPU cycle, designing a new fetching strategy is needed before I'm messing with this.
🔨 improvement
Refactoring data/chapter loading
Previously data loading was done using too much vanilla JavaScript. But for composability and utility, relying Svelte's internal reactive feature is better than this, especially when to compose side effects on loading data (showing loading bar, prefetching chapters, updating UI on other components, etc).

Status: Partially implemented.
🔨 improvement
Prototyping assets pinning on IPFS services
It's too soon to use IPFS entirely for now, but I think outsourcing some of ProgNovel assets is fine, especially when they were to be fetched by service worker, since things that out of control, like assets' cache control header, are less relevant in service worker.

Onhold due to Cloudflare Page.
🎉 feature
Enhance breadcrumb section
Previously I don't bother on making breadcrumb section. But some UX gurus recommended it so here I am.
🔨 improvement
Preload images and stream them into memory
Browsers fetch images by streaming by default. But their capabilities in handling fetched images are usually limited, that is why some websites load them using spinner first before showing the whole images after the downloading done.

Here in ProgNovel, I find browser's native asset preloading feature isn't to satisfactionary (although the technique is recommended by experts). Instead, I'm writing my own image preloading feature that will downloaded needed banner image for novels (which already cropped and converted for optimum performance), fetched as soon as users hover the novel page's link (even before clicking the link), then stream it into device's memory for ultra fast performance.
🎉 feature
Top page loading bar
To clearly tell people that ProgNovel is an webapp (like Youtube and others) I need to implement custom top page loading bar. It's already working nicely so far, but still buggy in between pages that load instantly. Also, the animation doesn't feel quite right yet.
🎉 feature
Offline mode
Service worker implementation has worked quite well in modern browsers. And I haven't had any issues currently when tested on novel download feature, although sometimes Chrome still erases data and sometimes later on I need to figure out how to make offline data more persistent.
🎉 feature
Theme selector
Theme selector is live and worked quite well as intended!
🎉 feature
Bookmark and recent history
Bookmark and recenty history features are live! Though there are still many improvements need to be done.
🎉 feature
Image Resizing CDN
Used to crop banner images in novel pages depending on device screen size, then automatically covert to better image format before the image shipped to browser (to save users' bandwidth and faster loading time!). It combines Cloudflare Workers and instances to create free on-the-fly image resizing CDN. This is usually paid features that some companies sell for their main product, like Cloudinary and Imgix. Though they often provides free-tier for some degree, I think it's better to create in-house image resizing services to keep things stay nice and free (note that hinted they'll stop their free-tier services, so I reckon this feature might be restarted as I'd have to look for another alternative that works well with Cloudflare Workers).
🎉 feature
Chapter loading prefetching
Preload next chapters when idle. This improve latency down to 0ms when clicking "Next Chapter" button on reasonable internet and when not spamming the next chapter button.
🔨 improvement
Outsource dark mode and themes to service worker for HTML prerendering
ProgNovel uses JAMstack. And JAMstack sites can only rely on JavaScript to make the site interactive. Normally, doing dark mode on JavaScript will create a CSS style glitch (known as Flash of Unstyled Content aka FOUC), or forcing dark mode before the page rendering can cause significant loading speed issues since JavaScript is parsed much later than HTML and CSS.

I fixed these issues with almost no overhead by moving the Dark Mode and Theme picked logic to Service Worker, prerendering HTML with correct CSS style before the browser renders the HTML, thus eliminating any JavaScript based disadvantages when doing dark mode on JAMstack. (I think I'm one of earliest if not the first who doing this, since google result on "dark mode inside service worker" absolutely yield no relevant result whatsoever. I think it's a really cool technique and JAMstack sites should do more prerendering on Service Worker!)
🔨 improvement
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